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Staple food for the North American diet, the onion has been grown with passion and knowledge for more than 30 years in Delfland fields. The harvest and storage operations are done with precision and play an integral part in the crucial fall operations.

The onion, a must at Delfland and its partners

Delfland grows two types of onions: the yellow and the red onion. As soon as the harvesting operations are over, the onions are stored in modern and well-ventilated storage buildings where ventilation and temperature are carefully monitored and controlled. Many producers are grouped together into Groupe Vegco. The group’s state of the art facilities such as packaging lines and storage buildings are located in Sherrington, Québec.

Natural growing techniques

We are constantly on the lookout for new technologies in order to improve our production techniques. We have been using sterile flies for a few years now. This approach allows us to combat certain insects in a natural manner, while maintaining very high quality standards.

Onions are available year-round.
Groupe Vegco markets our yellow and red onions.