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Delfland counts many years of expertise in carrot production, a classic and healthy vegetable.


A few years ago, we expanded our carrot range by offering coloured carrots. Purple, white, red, yellow and orange carrots are offered in the same package. Although this blend may appear easy to achieve at first sight, several adjustments to the crop, harvest and packaging of this vegetable had to be made before it could be displayed that way in supermarkets.

The orange carrot, a classic

Still very popular and known for its benefits and sweet taste, the orange carrot has been produced at Delfland for more than 30 years. Its quality has improved over time. Crop growing methods keep improving, and new tasteful and more uniform varieties are developed. Given the lasting trend for healthy eating, the carrot remains and will always remain a great classic!

Our carrots are packaged by our partner-distributors using state of the art technology that allows us to achieve high quality standards and to meet all clients’ requests.