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Lettuce is very present in our diets because it is equally delicious and healthy. Delfland grows two types of lettuce : Iceberg and Romaine.

Lettuce, an omnipresent vegetable at Delfland

Every summer, large areas of lettuce are grown with care in our fields. Delfland is a founding member of the Fondation Laitue, an organization aiming to develop varieties of lettuces adapted to our region (climate, soil type, etc.). Lettuce is constantly evolving; and new varieties and cropping techniques are studied in detail, helping us to provide a healthy, tasty and appetizing lettuce. During the spring, summer and autumn periods, our team works continuously with researchers and universities to improve the quality of Iceberg and Roman lettuces grown here. Several parcels of lands are dedicated to experiments. Regular follow-ups are carried out to identify ways to improve the quality of this vegetable while having a positive impact on the environment.

Growing Lettuce

Growing lettuce requires accuracy because it is very sensitive to climate changes. Regular and precise follow-ups are required, so we walk the fields every day to ensure the constant quality of our product.
Harvest is done manually, despite all the technological advances. The cold chain is maintained throughout, from harvest to distribution. Iceberg and romaine lettuce are available from mid-June to the end of September.