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Chinese radish

The chinese radish is a delicious root vegetable that has a privileged place in Asian cuisine. Although it is the newest vegetable at Delfland, it has been grown here for no less than 10 years.

The chinese radish : a well established vegetable in asian cuisine, while quite unknown to Quebecers

Chinese radish is also known as lobok. It has a long white root, the shape of a big carrot, and a spicy and refreshing taste. It has an immaculate white color due to the type of soil it grows in at Delfland. Its fame is no longer a secret among our North-American market. Our clientele seeks Delfland radishes because of their high quality.

Growing Chinese radish

Chinese radish is seeded directly in the fields during spring. The first radishes are harvested around mid June. Crop rotation is important as the growing of Chinese radish is challenging. Our research team is supported by research partners for ongoing improvement and optimization of this crop.
Once harvested, this vegetable is cooled. Chinese radish is available from June to November.